A Day In The Life Of A Mission Team Member: Grenada 2013


 When you are on a Central Territory missions team there is always a team journal circulating from team member to team member throughout the duration of the trip. This journaling practice helps team members not only document each and everyday, but it is a processing tool for team individual. We invite you to read an…

2015 Territorial Women’s Ministries Mission Team Announced!


Apply for our 2015 Women’s Ministries Mission Team – we’re going to Uruguay! October 22 – 30. Arrive in Chicago October 21 to training. Click HERE to be taken to our missions page with the application and details to apply. The team will be an eight member team.  Deadline to apply is March 31. Team…

(Male) Agents of Change Working Towards Gender Reconciliation


Jesus has given us the opportunity to reconcile with God and with each other, male and female –  and live fully in that calling. But many are not. This article released by Christians for Biblical Equality written by Marque M. Jensen is a challenging, powerful and influential approach to reconciliation of not just races but of gender….

#BoundlessBible Day 12


Today in the #BoundlessBible Challenge we are at Matthew 12: “Here is my servant whom I have chosen,     the one I love, in whom I delight; I will put my Spirit on him,     and he will proclaim justice to the nations. 19 He will not quarrel or cry out;     no one will hear his voice in the…

FREE Printable Prayer/Devotional Journal

PPP cover page

We’re finding that young adult women are eager to grow in their personal time with Jesus; desiring to know Him and the Word better – in a new way. They are particularly drawn to well designed and aesthetically pleasing devotional books, journals, and Bible studies. The territorial Women’s Ministries department will begin providing devotionals, journals,…

12 FREE Bible Studies For Women

Go and Tell cover

The Salvation Army International Headquarters Women’s Ministries Office has provided 12 FREE  Women’s Bible Studies just for you.  They can be used singularly or for 12 weeks. Feel free to print out and start a Bible study group with those within your community. Click here —-> Go and Tell Bible Study

Central Territory Prays for Boundless 2015

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Tomorrow begins the Central Territory’s prayer time for Boundless 2015, this special time called Boundless…the Whole World Praying. Each Division in the Central Territory has an assigned day to pray for 24 hours. Each division is approaching their prayer assignment in a different way, so be sure to follow-up with your corps officer to find out…

47 FREE Ebooks!


Our territorial Discipleship Resources & Leadership Development Consultant shared with us 47 FREE e-books on holiness and prayer.

#BoundlessBible Week 2, Day 7 – Matthew 7

Read Matthew 7  Discussion Questions Is there a danger of judging others by their actions, while judging ourselves by our motives? Why is the road that leads to life ‘narrow’ compared to the road that leads to destruction? What do you think verses 13 and 14 are talking about? If Jesus is the rock, then…

#BoundlessBible Week 2, Day 6

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Striking the balance between ‘celebrating/witnessing your giving and faith’ while not ‘boasting/showing off’ can be difficult.  A blogger came up with the idea to post pictures of your personal devotional time and then hashtagging it using #lampandlight. Not a bad idea, but is sharing your personal time with Jesus necessary? What if the action of sharing the photo…