Learn More About The Bible Study, Chase (And Enter the Giveaway!)

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Want to learn more about the Bible Study, Chase? It surrounds the life of David. The stormy, painful, victorious, bizarre life of David. Watch and listen as Jennie challenges the thought, is God enough for you? What are you chasing? Enter the Chase Bible Study giveaway below! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bible Study Leaders Pack GIVEAWAY!


This is exciting fall for our Department. Lots of events and busyness, but staying grounded in the Word through Bible study is a top priority no matter what the schedule looks like. This is why we want to give all you Central Territory women the opportunity to join us as our online Bible Study’s work…

Today’s Devotional: Don’t Harden Your Hearts


Today brings another promise from our Heavenly Father – read Hebrews 4: 1- 13 with us. _____________________________ What kind of rest do you think is being talked about here? See verses 1 – 11. In verse 4 two different kinds of rest are spoken of – why do you think that is? (“On the seventh…

Today’s Devotional: A Strong and Trustworthy Anchor For Our Souls

Hebrew 6.19

It seems that every time I open the Word I keep flipping open to passages on God’s promises. I think we’ve all broken a promise in our lives and someone has disappointed us by not living up to a promise they made to us. But it’s not hard to flip open your Bible and open…

Looking For A Small Group Bible Study?

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The Central Territorial Women’s Ministries Department offers the opportunity for women in the Salvation Army Central Territory to grow their faith, their community base and friendships through our online Bible Study groups. This fall, a new group led by Major Heather Holman will begin the Bible Study titled Chase by Jennie Allen. This group will…

Today’s Devotional: Finding God’s Purposes In Your Life


  Doesn’t it seem like we’re mostly waiting for the next thing? What’s coming, the next project, job, ministry and change that will make life better, easier and more fulfilling? Read the following scripture, Hebrews 12: 1 – 4 and ask yourself the questions that follow. God’s Discipline Proves His Love 12 Therefore, since we…

Today’s Devotional: God’s Promises – Genesis 15

genesis 15.6

Today we look to God’s Covenant with Abram to better understand our weaknesses and God’s promises in our lives. This exchange between God and Abram assures me that this promise is true, “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on…

Today’s Devotion: Ezekiel 34: 25 – 31- Trusting in God’s Provision

ekeziel 34

 (Click image to read from a higher resolution image) For you devotional time today read through the scripture above, Ezekiel 34: 25 – 31 and ask yourself the following questions: What are the dangers/threats or fears in your life right now? Do you need to be rescued from something (tangible or emotional)? Where in your life…

Your Monday Sermon with Major Danielle Strickland

Here Major Danielle Strickland, “looks at the true identity of Jesus and the freedom he brings to those who trust in him.” Do you trust him?  Click the image above to hear the sermon. 

What Are You Planting?

galatians 6

Are you concerned about you lack of harvest? Or is your harvest plentiful and abundant? Consider what you’re pouring yourself into, what you’re investing in and who you’re trying to please. Don’t get discouraged, God’s timing is perfect, just keep your eyes on Him and you hand on the plow.  Thank you, IF:Equip for taking us…