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Focused Meditation – Anticipation Of The Light Of The World


There’s a chance you haven’t had a single slow moment this Christmas season. If you’re a corps officer, corps employee or lay leader your to-do list is no doubt very long and demanding. There’s great expectations of you and the anticipation of Christ’s birth might often turn into I can’t wait til this is over….

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 17


There are many reminders in the Word of God on the important of patience and endurance. Here Major Danielle reminds us of some of the most powerful stories in history that required great patience. Are you rushing yourself or others around you? Are you trying to rush God? We are all guilty of this behavior….

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 15


Prepare to be inspired and challenged as Major Danielle Strickland describes an experience involving a Baptist, a brothel and cupcakes. A story of battling the principalities of the dark. Enjoy!

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 14

The same God that revealed Himself to Moses is the same God today. A Holy God that hears the cry of the oppressed and wants to turn the world upside down. Do you know Him? 

2014 Commitment to Biblical Knowledge

You are loved WM 2014

The Fitness Center here at Territorial Headquarters is packed during lunch. You have to get there early and dressed quickly to claim a treadmill or elliptical. Otherwise you’ll be stuck on a stationary bike or worse yet – using the weight machines. Let’s be honest catching an episode of “Love it or List it” (on…

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 11


  Interesting and thought provoking dialog on righteous justice and anger how to battle injustice the right way, the God way. “…injustice that faces us, the oppression that faces us, is so huge so evil so dark can only be matched by a love and light  greater than ourselves. We cannot not fight injustice in…

Jesus and Justice

Jesus and Justice

  Enjoy this fascinating study on Jesus, poverty and His relationship with women. “Jesus’ mission is captured in a single vision with two dimensions. His hope for a restored humanity envisions well‐being for people who are spiritually poor and people who are socially poor. And in their midst, righteousness and justice mark the events of…

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 10


  “I have heard…” God repeats over and over again in Exodus. God hears the cry of the oppressed and he wants US to respond.  What is our response?

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 9


  Lose yourself to the purposes of God realizing his love is not just for you, it covers all. Enjoy it, get lost it in.

Are You Challenging Yourself in Prayer?


Get ready to do 2014 right! Revive Our Hearts‘ Nancy Leigh DeMoss has created eight different month long prayer challenges. Choose one every month! Click here to see the challenges.