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#TWMLC2014 Preliminary Music Playlist

get fit

If you enjoyed any of the music you heard before and after the meetings during the Territorial Women’s Ministries Leadership Conference you can listen to them on our Spotify playlist. See below and enjoy!

And The Winner of Our Giveaway Is…..


The Giveaway doors are closed and a winner has been chosen. Thank you to all who have participated and joined us in a variety of social media outlet journeys as we look to connect with you in deeper and new ways.       Congratulations to Heather Gnann! Heather has won her very own leaders…

Women In Ministry and Leadership: Hurting, Healing and Propelling Forward


Can you relate to the following statement: “It has long been my contention that the Church is the only place that can simultaneously hurt me and heal me.” – source At some level anyone invested in a Christian Church community can relate to this statement. But for a woman, trying to live out her God-given gifts…

Hellos and Goodbyes – Leadership Changes

Colonel Dorothy Smith

Today things got real. Colonel Dawn Heatwole, the Central Territory’s former Territorial Women’s Ministries Secretary for 3 1/2 years starts her new position at National Headquarters. She will be greatly missed in the Central Territory, specifically in our department. Not only because of her famous chocolate chip cookies but because of her encouraging notes, listening…

Host An IF:Gathering Local At Your Corps!

ifgatherin 2015

If you follow female Christian leaders, speakers, writers and bloggers on Facebook and Twitter, then last February you probably heard about the IF:Gathering. And you probably wondered what it was and why everyone is so excited about it. Essentially it’s a concept and movement. To bring (gather) Christian women together to train them up (equip)…

What The Early Church Teaches Us About Small Groups


The disciples of Christ were essentially the first Christian small group. A small group that created more disciples, more small groups and Christian communities and the Christian Church as we know it. They not only lived together and ate together but worked out their faith in Christ together. Do you have that kind of community?…

Learn More About The Bible Study, Chase (And Enter the Giveaway!)

cahse video still

Want to learn more about the Bible Study, Chase? It surrounds the life of David. The stormy, painful, victorious, bizarre life of David. Watch and listen as Jennie challenges the thought, is God enough for you? What are you chasing? Enter the Chase Bible Study giveaway below! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bible Study Leaders Pack GIVEAWAY!


This is exciting fall for our Department. Lots of events and busyness, but staying grounded in the Word through Bible study is a top priority no matter what the schedule looks like. This is why we want to give all you Central Territory women the opportunity to join us as our online Bible Study’s work…

Today’s Devotional: Don’t Harden Your Hearts


Today brings another promise from our Heavenly Father – read Hebrews 4: 1- 13 with us. _____________________________ What kind of rest do you think is being talked about here? See verses 1 – 11. In verse 4 two different kinds of rest are spoken of – why do you think that is? (“On the seventh…

Today’s Devotional: A Strong and Trustworthy Anchor For Our Souls

Hebrew 6.19

It seems that every time I open the Word I keep flipping open to passages on God’s promises. I think we’ve all broken a promise in our lives and someone has disappointed us by not living up to a promise they made to us. But it’s not hard to flip open your Bible and open…