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Heaven’s Calling: A sermon from Jess O’Dea


photo from NorthLakes FB Page. Need a Monday morning boost? Jess O’Dea from the NorthLakes corps outside Newcastle in the Australia East Territory is apart of the Leadership Team, focusing on Worship, Creative Arts and Teaching at Northlakes and she preaches strong and hard. Check out her convicting sermon on Heaven’s Calling: obedience and response. Below…

Women’s Ministries: The Prepare Podcast Episode One: Major Danielle Strickland


It’s an exciting day for two reasons: 1) it’s nearing our two year anniversary for the launch of our website and social media outlets. and 2) Today is the launch of our new media venture – the release of our podcast! The purpose of our podcast, called The Prepare Podcast, is to have a conversation with women of…

Embracing Embrace: One Leader’s Experience Part 1

embracing embrace

 Check out our question and answer session with Lt. Aubrey DeBaar, corps officer in  Branson, MO, about her first experience leading an Embrace group.  We hope sharing her experience will encourage you as you consider moving forward with leading or joining an Embrace group. ________________________________________________________________________________ Did you have any expectations about Embrace before your first gathering? I…

Re: God is an inconsistent excuse

RE God is an inconsisent excuse devo

Ever been hurt by a Christian? Of course you have, we all have. But if we blame God for a persons behavior and actions, we’re really misunderstanding who God is. Check about Major Danielle Strickland’s commentary on God’s gift of free will. It may just change your mind about God…

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 17


There are many reminders in the Word of God on the important of patience and endurance. Here Major Danielle reminds us of some of the most powerful stories in history that required great patience. Are you rushing yourself or others around you? Are you trying to rush God? We are all guilty of this behavior….

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 15


Prepare to be inspired and challenged as Major Danielle Strickland describes an experience involving a Baptist, a brothel and cupcakes. A story of battling the principalities of the dark. Enjoy!

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 14

The same God that revealed Himself to Moses is the same God today. A Holy God that hears the cry of the oppressed and wants to turn the world upside down. Do you know Him? 

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 11


  Interesting and thought provoking dialog on righteous justice and anger how to battle injustice the right way, the God way. “…injustice that faces us, the oppression that faces us, is so huge so evil so dark can only be matched by a love and light  greater than ourselves. We cannot not fight injustice in…

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 10


  “I have heard…” God repeats over and over again in Exodus. God hears the cry of the oppressed and he wants US to respond.  What is our response?

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 9


  Lose yourself to the purposes of God realizing his love is not just for you, it covers all. Enjoy it, get lost it in.