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A Conversation About Mentor Friendships

We really have fallen hard for the vision and work of Can another ministry group be your soul sister? Because is our ministry soul sister. We really appreciate this video they pulled together to discuss mentorships – longing, needing, figuring out and walking through life together with someone intentionally on your side to…

Embrace Promo Video! Watch, Learn And Share!

embrace video

As you might have noticed we’re pretty excited about our new initiative, Embrace.  The idea of women – sisters in Christ – knowing and loving each other better honestly gives us the warm fuzzes. Really, because being known, heard, loved and valued is a vision of the Kingdom of God. And we want to be…

World Service Promo Videos To Help You Fund-raise

into the world

Need a little help ‘casting a vision‘ to your women’s ministries group about World Services? Try this video, made by the Central Territory Visual Communications team that expose the needs overseas of vulnerable children under the care of the Salvation Army. This year’s World Service’s focus is Child Survival and you can go HERE for other…

Quick, Easy and Fun Bible Game to Play in Your Women’s Group

still of game

A game that will test your knowledge and memory of stories and events from the Bible! A player from each team is shown a name of a woman from the Bible (or event, moment or person) and must “buzz” in and bid as to how few words as possible it’ll take to get their team to…

Whether Single or Married – You’re Valuable in the Church

joy egg

“If I’m not fulfilled in my singleness, I’m going to be let down in marriage.” If that statement resonates with you, watch this short video.

Christian Video and Images Resources


A few people have reached out to us to ask where we got our videos that we used during #TWMLC2014. They were thoughtful, artistic and moving. If you were interested in finding out or just looking for new resources here they are: – “Faith-Focused, Cheesy-Free Stock Photos & Footage”

Re: God is an inconsistent excuse

RE God is an inconsisent excuse devo

Ever been hurt by a Christian? Of course you have, we all have. But if we blame God for a persons behavior and actions, we’re really misunderstanding who God is. Check about Major Danielle Strickland’s commentary on God’s gift of free will. It may just change your mind about God…

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 17


There are many reminders in the Word of God on the important of patience and endurance. Here Major Danielle reminds us of some of the most powerful stories in history that required great patience. Are you rushing yourself or others around you? Are you trying to rush God? We are all guilty of this behavior….

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 15


Prepare to be inspired and challenged as Major Danielle Strickland describes an experience involving a Baptist, a brothel and cupcakes. A story of battling the principalities of the dark. Enjoy!

Devotions with Major Danielle Strickland Episode 14

The same God that revealed Himself to Moses is the same God today. A Holy God that hears the cry of the oppressed and wants to turn the world upside down. Do you know Him?