Click The Bahamas WDP to download a free power point presentation about the Bahamas – the focus country for 2015 Women’s World Day of Prayer.PP for WPD slides bahamas still 2

Click the image of the globe below for a power point presentation for an interactive prayer time. Click HERE for the words that accompany the prayer time.

Instructions: On a board either write or print out the words:

Blessed, Blameless, Accepted, Never Alone, Included and Cured.

Write the words large enough on the board for viewers to see from their seats. Spread the words out.

Print out the following words on their own 8.5×11 piece of paper: POVERTY, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, MIGRANT, TEENAGE MOTHERS, HIV & AIDS, and BREAST CANCER.

Place the print out word POVERTY  over Blessed, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE over Blameless, MIGRANT over Accepted, TEENAGE MOTHERS over Never Alone, HIV and AIDS over Included, and BREAST CANCER over Cured.

Remove the words as the prayer instructs.

bahamas prayer still