vscocam-photo-1One of my favorite activities to do in a small group setting is writing encouraging notes to each other. It’s pretty simple. pass out a card or note card to each person in the group. Ask them to write their name on the card. They can write their name right in the center or write “Dear Jane,….” Once everyone has written their name, collect the cards and mix them up together. Go back again and handout the cards to the group, making sure no one receives their own name.
In case you’re in a group that may be unfamiliar with each other, make sure before they begin writing they go around the room and everyone says their name. Then acknowledge that you may have received the name of a person you do not know. If so, tell them not to bother to acknowledge that fact, but but give encouraging words maybe in the form of a prayer or by grabbing a Bible and writing down a scripture verse.  But if you do know them encourage them by writing a message about who they are. You can give a theme: write a way that you see them displaying a fruit of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control). Or share a time that you felt loved by them. Or write a time you say them show love to others. When they are done writing their note, tell them just to wait til everyone is done and for the next instruction.
If you can, play soft music in the background.
Once everyone is done ask if anyone is willing to read their message out loud to the entire group, to show honor to that person. Not everyone has to, just a few is ok. But if everyone wants to, by all means! After the reading time is over tell them to get up and hand deliver that card to the person and give them a hug!