prayers of intercession

This prayer of intercession form is a great way to collect prayer requests in a group setting. Make enough copies for everyone in the group and hand out the forms to each individual. If they are comfortable, ask them to write their name and request on the first line. If they don’t want to write their name, they can leave it blank. Once they write their request, they pass the form to the right. Once they receive their neighbor to the left’s form, on the next line they write their request again. Keep passing the form and keep writing their request. At the end each person will have their own form back (they’ll know because their request is first on the line) and will have written their request as many times as there is people participating. For example, if there are 12 people participating, each person would have have written their request 12 times, on 12 different forms. Punch 3 holes in the side and slip it into your prayer notebook! It’s a little laborious, but so worth knowing your community knows your requests and knows exactly how to pray for you.