2 Catch the Joy Guidelines: Spanish


1 Pautas para los Ministerios Femeninos 2 Organizacion de los Ministerios Femeninos 3 Registros 4 Reportes de los Cuerpos 5 Capacitacion de lideres 6...

2 Catch the Joy Guidelines : English


Find below, links to all the women’s ministries guidelines – click and save! 1 Guidelines for WM 2 WM Organization 3 Records 4 Corps...

2 Prayers of Intercession

prayers of intercession

This prayer of intercession form is a great way to collect prayer requests in a group setting. Make enough copies for everyone in the...

2 How to Make a Prayer Notebook

Click HERE to find out how!

2 Women’s Ministries Program Ideas From the Field!


Eastern Michigan:  Trips to IKEA Mystery Dinner DIY Laundry Soap Dertoit Riverwalk Archery Group Women Community Prayer Meeting Hawaiian Party Fashion Show Group trip...

2 Women’s Ministries Enrollment Programs


At this point in the year, you’ve been ‘at it’, and you’re deep in ministry. Prayerfully you’re meeting the needs of new women and...

2 Fellowship Game – Bible Trivia Hollywood Game Night Style

still of game

A game that will test your knowledge and memory of stories and events from the Bible! A player from each team is shown a name...

2 2015 World Day of Prayer Power Points

bahamas still 2

Click The Bahamas WDP to download a free power point presentation about the Bahamas – the focus country for 2015 Women’s World Day of...

2 Links & Resources to Human Trafficking Awareness – Local & Global


Find below a variety of stories, resources and awareness new about human and sex trafficking – globally and locally. Thank you to our International...

2 Conversation Starters

coffee and bible - rhegan post

Ever find your family discussions center around the logistics of life? Who needs to be where, when and how? Try these Couples and Family...