Navigating the Streets of Ministry

Do you ever feel discouraged in your ministry role? Can it be a labor of love that sometime leans more towards laborious? To get you back towards the Love side of your ministry we came across this great list of what Creative Ladies Ministry with Julia Bettencourt calls Traveling the 10 “Un” Streets of Women’s Ministry.  Scroll down to read 1 -5…
Streets of ministry

  1. 1. Unfamiliar Street This first road that is plotted out on our map is Unfamiliar Street. Maybe you are new to women’s ministry and this is uncharted territory for you. Maybe there is a program that you haven’t done before or you are doing something in a different way. The unfamiliar can sometimes be an alarming place to be. It has a way of making us anxious. This is a time to really rely on the Lord. Remember He is with you every step of the way. If you look around for them, you will probably find some ladies within your group that understand and they are praying for you too.

  2. Unavoidable StreetThis is a street that we like to miss. We may want to bypass it altogether but it seems sometimes that there is just no way around it. Maybe a decision you have to make will upset someone but you feel led that it is the right decision. Maybe doing something a different way upsets a few of your ladies. Maybe everyone can’t be there for something that’s scheduled but you know you will never be able to please everybody. There are always going to be things that are unavoidable in women’s ministry. After all we are dealing with people, expressly women of all types, seasons in life, and at different levels of their Christian walk.

  3. Unpleasant StreetOur next street we travel is Unpleasant Street. You can’t see to the end of this street. It runs on forever. In ministry there are going to be unpleasant tasks. Maybe you have to be the “bad guy” in a situation and dole out some authority in your position. On the other hand you may have to receive some criticism, whether constructive or not, and sometimes that can be unpleasant. You may have to go by some cold shoulders or have hurtful words hurled out at you from the sidewalk as you pass on this street. That’s the time to go to the Lord and allow Him to lift you up. Get into His Word and let the healing begin.

  4. Unmanageable StreetMaybe you have ladies within your group that are hard to manage. They don’t listen to instructions. Maybe you have one or two that like to talk during your Bible Study time. You try to deal with it and the next thing you know it becomes an issue again. Maybe you have a few ladies in your group that just don’t get along with each other. You can encourage friendship, not harboring bitterness, call for unity, and everything else but you can’t change the heart of people. They have to want a change in their heart. You can’t do it for them. It’s a struggle but you have to pray for those unmanageable people or unmanageable situations. Turn it over to the Lord to handle. He’s the one who can sort things out for you.

  5. Unsolvable StreetThis street we are going down has one of those “No Outlet” signs when you drive onto it. There is no way out. Face it, there are going to be things within our ministry that may turn out to be unsolvable. These are things we just can’t do anything about. It may not be in your power to solve everything within your ladies group. You just have to learn to be okay with it. As long as you’ve done what you can about whatever the situation is, you just have to give it over to the Lord and be at peace about it in your own heart.

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