New 30 Day Devotional By Salvation Army Officer: Holiness Revealed

amy in circleNewly published author, Major Amy Reardon of the USA Western Territory, has created a 30 day devotional book that takes readers on a deep walk into the book of Hebrews unveiling a message of holiness.
“Amy Reardon thoughtfully guides readers through thirty days of in-depth devotions, unpacking and discovering the heart of the epistle Hebrews. Holiness Revealed is also designed as an excellent resource for personal or group Bible study, providing engaging prose for daily soul care rather than merely busy-work Bible assignments. The biblically relevant devotional helps Scriptures transform contemporary disciples’ minds and hearts by revealing the power of the new covenant and its guarantor, the perfect priest Jesus Christ.” As described by her publisher, click here (check out the free downloads: Holiness Revealed Leaders Guide as well as Holiness Revealed Sermon Notes)

Click here to purchase your copy today! 

holiness revealed amy
Major Amy Reardon and her husband Rob are corps officers of the Seattle Temple Corps in Washington.  Amy holds a Master of Arts in Theology with concentration in Biblical Studies from Fuller Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts in Music from UCLA.  She has been a columnist for a number of Salvation Army periodicals in the United States, in Canada and in the international Officer magazine. Holiness Revealed is her first book. Amy and her husband are the parents of five children, ranging in age from six to 27.



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