A New Way to for Women to Gather in Royal Oak

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The women at the Royal Oak Citadel corps in South Eastern Michigan are finding a new way to gather together.  
As told to by corps officer, Captain Catherine Mount:
June 6 was a women’s event with a purpose to create a beautiful space for women to connect, to enjoy fellowship, and to engage in community. Our goal was toIMG_3486 create a large group opportunity where women could connect to a small group community.
We met in the backyard of our corps, decorated with white lights, tablecloths, and homemade table runners. We enjoyed specialty coffees, delicate desserts, and mellow live music. It was truly a lovely evening!
We have scheduled large group events quarterly with the hope of encouraging women to join small group bible studies as well as Embrace groups. It’s hard for women to connect during the busyness of Sunday mornings or during events that are more program focused. It was great to take a deep breath and share an evening with sisters in Christ!
Catherine ?
 photos by: Nicki Hudgens

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