Women’s Ministries: The Prepare Podcast Episode One: Major Danielle Strickland

It’s an exciting day for two reasons:
1) it’s nearing our two year anniversary for the launch of our website and social media outlets.
2) Today is the launch of our new media venture – the release of our podcast!
The purpose of our podcast, called The Prepare Podcast, is to have a conversation with women of faith and in ministry. They will share their experiences and wisdom to prepare and equip us in our faith, pursuits, and callings.
If you having been following along since the beginning you might remember when our website kind of resembled a fan page for Major Danielle Strickland, so it was only appropriate that she be our first interview for episode one.
We will release an episode every month, so be sure to follow us on iTunes or on our host site Podbean! Scroll all the way down to play episode one – it’s a long one but gets better with every minute. The highlight is truly when Danielle describes the exercises she practices to stay connected to God and her family and how to have a rich and full life. 

To subscribe on iTunes (if you have an iPhone) click on the purple Podcast app Apple automatically installs on your phone. Go on the search bar and enter “the Prepare Podcast” It doesn’t show immediately, so scroll down until you see our logo. Click on it, then click on subscribe!
Here is a clarification and links to topics we discussed:
This is the quote that I miss- said:  Do something even when it’s not your problem” – Lt. Colonel Dean Pallant
This is the personality type breakdown – Ennegram – https://www.9types.com/ a helpful book on the Ennegram.
Major Danielle’s social justice movement’s  Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sajusticeusw
Ladiesman Movement
Theme music by the Central Territory’s Territorial Worship Band, The Singing Company.

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