The 2015 Christmas Gift Guide

IMG_0492This list isn’t for what to buy for someone else (well, that’s not true, it totally could be) but for you to share with the loved one’s that asks,“What do you want for Christmas?” These seven  gifts are our favorite ministry minded and faith-based clothes, books, and magazines, which we know is where your heart is or where it wants to be in terms of spending money. This list is also for your post Christmas shopping. 😉 Click each image to be taken directly to the purchasing website – enjoy!

Check out these new-to-us Christian apparel lines, Christian magazines, Salvationist authors and a 31 day devotional.
IMG_0477Glorify Apparel is a faith-based apparel company that spreads hope and love through its designs and acts as a vehicle that would bring relief and support to those in need.
IMG_0479What Is MAGNIFY? MAGNIFY is a platform that gives women the opportunity to explore the Christian faith and how it can impact being a woman in today’s world.
Thryve Magazine “Our articles and layout are designed to inspire you, to challenge and compel you. We desire to tell beautiful stories that glorify God and that connect with the lives of our readers. We not only aspire to produce rich and christ-centered content, but beautiful imagery that makes every word come alive. Our desire is to continue to learn our field, which will cultivate creativity, refinement and growth.”
IMG_0481SHE IS, is an independent clothing company founded in 2014 in Vancouver BC. Our hope and our prayer is to inspire true strength in the lives of people around the world through our clothing and accessories. Proverbs 31:25 “She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.”

Make Mine Prada by Jody Chadban.
Jody and her husband minister at The Salvation Army IMG_0482NYC.

“Jody is a passionate preacher and communicator of God’s word and thrives in spending her days on the platform of New York City gathering the whosoever and empowering them to live the dream.” Watch the video about the book HERE.


Love to a Whore’s Daughter by Captain Lisa Barnes. “With refreshing honesty and brutal IMG_0483sincerity, Lisa Barnes brings us her story, how she has shifted her identify as a daughter of a prostitute to a daughter loved by God.” Watch the video about the book HERE.

IMG_048431 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and the Doer. According to the website:

  • The prayers were written with you in mind, the dreamer and the doer
  • There are 31 prayers that can be read throughout each month over and over
  • Each prayer is supported with scripture that you can study further or memorize
  • We wrote questions after each chapter to inspire journaling or even discussion among a small group or book club
  • The design of the book is full of color and handlettering
  • We have created a journal to complement the book with a layout designed to help you brain dump all those distractions before you begin praying

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