Declare His Glory – Corps and Local Community

Local and Corps Community

  • Arise & Shine Registration—register 3-5 women*
  • Arise & Shine Registration—register 6 or more*   *including CO
  • Hold a BRAVE event (if partnering with another corps, corps that share the same community/county) full point value awarded to participating corps.
  • 100 bonus points for including Girls Guards in planning and executing BRAVE event.
  • Plan a corps women’s retreat – if partnering with other corps, each contributing corps receive full points


Arise & Shine Registration—register 3-5 women* 500 points
Arise & Shine Registration—register 6 or more* 1000 points
*including CO
This department knows first hand (because they’ve led or attended a small corps) the struggle some corps may experience to achieve this goal.  Even so, we want each corps to be bold in our efforts to gather women together to attend this amazing event. It’s important for women to know that they don’t have to be currently involved in women’s ministries to attend and they do not need to attend a corps or need to be a soldier. We are viewing this conference as an outreach event.

  • Advisory Board Members
  • Women’s Auxiliary Members
  • Your (personally and the women of the corps’) sisters, cousins, sister-in-laws
  • Hang a copy of the conference poster in a local coffee shop, gym, and library in town, add “contact [insert your name here & email address & phone #] to learn how to register!” *
  • Sign up to receive emails about our conference and we will send out more ideas on how to recruit more women!

 Hold a BRAVE event (if partnering with another corps, corps that share the same community/county) full point value awarded to participating corps.

BRAVE – A Catalytic Event for Girls

What’s BRAVE?

BRAVE is a catalytic event for GIRLS. Hosted by local Christian communities, BRAVE exists to gather, inspire and connect vulnerable girls to the message of hope and a world where girls are brave.


A local community hosts a BRAVE event for GIRLS (being intentional about inviting vulnerable girls – foster care, corrections). Click here to download the DYI Manual as a guide to host a BRAVE event!
Here’s the DYI Manual to guide you.


The event itself inspires girls with messages of HOPE. Hearing from survivors, building resilience through adversity, confrontation of cultural lies and living out the ideals of braver.
Videos | Speakers & Artists | Testimonials


Using a journal as a follow up tool, the local community invites vulnerable girls to connect with their weekly programs as well as start a monthly support group to build a BRAVE life. Click here to check out the BRAVE journal, written by Lisa Barnes, a Salvation Army Officer and Foster Grad.
You can find the Brave Journal here.

Plan a corps women’s retreat – if partnering with other corps, each contributing corps receive full points

Plan and Execute a Corps Women’s Retreat
Depending on how your division is planning to include or not include a 2018 women’s retreat (because of the 2018 territorial women’s conference in October) planning a corps women’s retreat maybe a great alternative and/or addition to your program year! Here are a few ways this time together can be beneficial:
1) A corps women’s retreat is a special time to meet together in a new and unique way. It is a special time of learning, fellowshipping and growing closer to Jesus and each other.
2) Held locally at the corps, women can return home at night, cutting costs and other concerns that come with leaving town.
3) Inviting a special guest (another officer, DHQ or THQ officer or qualified employee) is a teaching time for the corps officer too. Corps officers are constantly pouring themselves out to their congregation, this is a great way to stay in town and get your cup filled up at the same time!
4) A women’s retreat can serve as an outreach event too. Invite advisory board members, friends from work and from the neighborhood, day camp moms, Pathway of Hope mothers.
5) Depending on what you charge this can serve as a fundraiser as well. If costs is an issue, by all means keep the registration as low as possible and just try to break even. If you can add on an extra $10 to registration (more if possible) at the end you might have a few 100 dollars extra to go towards your World Services goal or towards Arise and Shine conference expenses or scholarships for women to attend the retreat.
6) Take your women deeper in their faith. So often, a handful of our women are in loose soil, their roots haven’t grown down deep yet. Events like this can be light bulb moments for women—connecting the dots and truly committing their lives to Christ. This builds stronger congregations that will reflect Christ to the world.
To Do:
(six months out or more)

  • Determine date and location (keeping it at the corps saves a ton of money!)
  • Select the room and space at the corps you’ll transform (see layout bullet below)
  • Determine theme, suggestion: use Declare His Glory
  • Determine if your corps can do this alone or if partnering with another corps in the division is a possibility, contact DWMS for guidance
  • Create Budget (see next page)
  • Special Guest — Another corps officer, a DHQ or THQ officer or qualified employee, or affordable outside guest
  • Worship Led By — contact your divisional music department for advice or suggestions or use iworship

(two—three months out)

  • Create a Flyer/invitation (see sample on next page) for the corps mailboxes or to send snail mail, English and Spanish or other language (if applicable) Try using, free site to create attractive documents
  • Create a FB event page from the corps women’s ministries FB page or corps officer’s page or women’s ministries secretary or relevant person
  • Create an online registration form using Google Drive Forms, or surveymonkey
  • Also have a hard copy clip board sign up at the corps
  • If Spanish or second language speaking women register, see if someone will translate
  • Secure childcare workers (a close by corps may have Safe From Harm trained individual to recruit, does your corps have day camp staff to hire back for this event?)
  • Order t-shirts or bags (at least one giveaway) use the Declare His Glory logo provided, find on Connections
  • Plan snacks (Friday evening, Saturday morning, lunch on your own?) and food helpers/coordinators
  • Plan decorations and helpers
  • Plan layout—fellowship hall, narthex if it’s large enough, library. We suggest a space where table (round or long) can fit, this way women can have a place to take notes, set down there snack and drink.
  • Suggested registration cost—$40—$55* includes: retreat t-shirt & gifts, snacks & beverages, quality teaching & worship.


Sample retreat budget
Guest 0 (zero cost because it’s a DHQ officer)
t-shirts  $  150.00
food  $  100.00
decorations  $  100.00
printing flyers  $    20.00
childcare  $  200.00
 $  570.00
income via registrations: 20 women attend x $40 = $800
Either lower the cost to break even, or keep the $230 leftover as a fundraiser for Arise and Shine costs, or use for scholarships for POH mothers to attend the retreat.

Possible registration cost: $45/person before July 2, $55 at the door (July 7). And check out this discount: register & pay before July 2 with a family member and save $5 each ($40 each!). I only share this from my personal FB.
*If that cost is too high, fundraise to subsidize the cost for individuals.
Non-essentials pieces to plan that will go the distance during the event:

  • When it’s the day of the retreat, when the women walk in to the corps to register, have worship music playing. Loud enough to hear but not too loud where you can’t talk over the music. They may feel nervous about coming and not know how to keep small talk while waiting for the event to begin. Music playing in the background helps avoid awkward silence and could be an conversation ice breaker.
  • With whatever means you have, transform the room/space/chapel where the retreat will be held. Use white lights, tulle, candles, flowers, use table cloth over tables (cloth, not plastic if possible), create a backdrop for the speaker to speak in front of and for photobooth opportunities.
  • See if local restaurants, coffee shops, or grocers are willing to donate pastries for the event.

Weekend Schedule sample:

Friday July 15 (sample dates)
6:30pm—registration & fellowship
7:00pm—Session one
8:45pm—bonfire & snacks
10:00pm—depart for home
Saturday July 16
9:00am—coffee, tea & donuts
9:30am—session two
11:15am—coffee & tea break
11:45am—session three
1:15pm—depart for home or lunch

Session outline sample

Session one:

  • Welcome
  • Introduction of the guest
  • Pray for guest and retreat
  • Ice breaker
  • Worship
  • Teaching from special guest
  • Embrace question break out
  • Close in Prayer

Session two:

  • Welcome
  • Quick, fun craft (have everything organized ahead of time (supplies are at the table when the women arrive
  • Testimony/scripture reading
  • Worship
  • Special guest teaching
  • Closing

20 minute break
Session three:

  • teaching continues
  • Embrace questions
  • Teaching concludes
  • Closing

Head home for lunch! Thanks for coming!