Regen collage 2
One of my favorite Salvation Army events is quickly approaching – Regeneration! “Regeneration is a Central Territory Salvation Army conference for young adults. You must be between the ages of 18-29 (by 2/14/2014) to attend. There is one exception… If you are 30 or older and are active in young adult ministry on the local Corps or Divisional level you are now welcome to attend. (You will need to describe your involvement on the registration form).”
Why should you be interested in attending? I’ll tell you why after you check out the photos from last years Regeneration – click here.  Ok, do I still need to tell you why? Fine. Typically about 500+ young adult (girls and guys alike) from around the territory attend this conference. If you’re feeling like you need to connect, make friends, be encouraged, get a spiritual jolt to take you to the next level spiritually AND see that there are more people like you out there – then you’ll want to attend.
Here are a few more reasons why. The Special Guests.
1) Eugene Cho – read his bio here. I particularly enjoy his humility throughout the description – listing his education starting with his elementary school and describing himself as a known ‘average’ blogger. I appreciate the lack of seriousness. But truly, his passion for partnering with those in need is inspiring.
2) Major Danielle Strickland – I had to stop myself from typing her name in caps. Clearly I’m a fan. I love that she does things that scare most of us. Her passion for salvation makes her fearless and bold. Can I have some of that? She even has a wikipedia page – she’s arrived and she’s waving the flag of salvation and freedom in Christ. Watch out, her behavior is contagious.
3) Bellarive – This band is all about the senses, environment, atmosphere, the Creator and the human experience. I’m excited to see how they present themselves in performance as rumors tell they are visually, emotionally and spiritually stimulating. Don’t expect to stand still during worship.
4) “Dynamic, soulful, experimental, and clever, all focused on the heart of a person. With an uncompromising message intertwined with hot rhythms and beats, Los Angeles based, Propaganda, lyrically puts together potent relevant music that reaches across the spectrum of youth and pop culture. “ If that description doesn’t have you intrigued I’m not sure what will. I have a feeling Propaganda will inspire you to challenge yourself artistically and creatively in your expression of your love of our Lord.
There’s nothing else quite like Regen (as you’ll soon be calling it if you haven’t already). Make some memories, life-long friends, find your future spouse (SORRY! I had to say it), and let the Holy Spirit ignite YOUR spirit and energize you and your commitment to Him.
See you there!
P.S. Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook and register on their website.



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