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Making friends as an adult is not easy. Yet, we are designed to be a part of a community, we crave it.  We desire to be known, to be heard, to be accepted, to be welcomed and to be loved. This is why the Central Territory launched Embrace. We felt and heard the need of women to be connected to a community that accepts them where they are in life: single, wife, mother, grandmother, single-mother, married with no kids – there’s a place for you in Embrace.
Embrace is a Central Territory program that brings together women in groups of 6-8 within your corps (and beyond) to encourage purposeful conversations about life and Jesus and to build friendship and sisterhood within the Body of Christ.
Embrace groups are designed to meet once a month, on a day that works best for each group, for up to two hours at a time. The intended format of Embrace is to share a meal together and then engage in guided discussion with provided questions/challenges to help open up the doors of sharing and vulnerability  – creating true sisterhood.
Embrace Basics
Embrace Values
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Ideally the groups would take turns hosting in each others homes, intentionally inviting each other into one another’s lives.
Each group should have a designated leader, but hosting locations, ideally, should change monthly.
To lead your own EMBRACE group at your corps please sign up here to receive monthly questions and supplies. Once you sign up you’ll receive a guide to answer some of the questions you may have, a poster and bulletins to promote Embrace, jpeg images in case you plan to make a Facebook event invitation or community group and the questions for your first meeting. : If you’re not ready to lead but want to join a group, click HERE.

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