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The Salvation Army International Women’s Ministries has issued a new challenge for Women’s Ministries:

“A CALL for The Salvation Army’s worldwide ministry to women to be fit for purpose for the 21st century.”

On February 12, 2020 Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World President of Women’s Ministries) launched this exciting new plan for international Women’s Ministries for 2020 and beyond, including a new vision statement, new logo, and new Bible studies.

The Salvation Army USA Central Territory is on board! We are excited about this new opportunity!

“God is calling women of courage…moved by God’s love…to do something and do it now!”
– Commissioner Rosalie Peddle


Envisioning women to be

  • EMPOWERED and TRANSFORMED by the gospel to lead a Christlike life
  • ENRICHED mutually through local and global connections and support
  • EQUIPPED to fulfill their potential through lifelong learning and development
  • ENGAGED in social justice and action to positively impact the world

Empowered & Transformed

Empowered and Transformed by the gospel to lead a Christlike life.

As a ‘Salvation’ Army with a call to holy living, this first point sets the foundation for Women’s Ministries. All other points are built upon this premise.

Our desire is to:

  • Take every opportunity to introduce women to Christ.
  • Encourage, in a variety of ways, a connection to a Christian faith community, resulting in mentoring, discipleship and worship opportunities.
  • Encourage growth, both in knowledge and application of the Word, in personal and community settings.
  • Allow time for spiritual reflection and culturally suitable opportunities for women to shape their personal living and to share their personal experience of transformation.

Bible study groups, prayer meetings, corporate worship, cell groups, outreach events, intentional conversations, mentoring, and discipleship within relationships.


Enriched mutually through local and global connections and support.

The Christian life is not one of isolation, but of mutual support and community.  Women and girls have an instinctive desire to connect on a deep level with one other. As such, this second point addresses nurturing and service.

Our desire is to:

  • Create opportunities for women to connect to God, to one another, their community, and the world; to share and learn from one another; and to experience the diversity and richness of the body of believers.
  • Celebrate what God is accomplishing in and through the fellowship of believers.
  • Help shoulder the burdens of other women experiencing difficulty or loss.
  • Identify areas of need and promote efforts to support and equip other women.

One-on-one encounters, group gatherings, community engagements, mission trips, and fundraising efforts.


Equipped to fulfill their potential through lifelong learning and development.

Believing that all life is God-breathed and serves a purpose, this third point addresses our fit and function within the body of Christ and for such a time as this.

Our desire is to:

  • Promote, encourage and where possible, resource education.
  • Provide opportunities for self-discovery and development of gifts and talents, as well as self-confidence, to empower women and raise their standard of living.
  • Challenge destructive cultural norms that prohibit people from excelling as God would desire.

Sound, biblical teaching on equality of men and women, basic education, and life and trade skills classes.


Engaged in social justice and action to positively impact the world.

As disciples, we are called to go into all the world and express the good news of Jesus Christ, both in word and in deed. This final point is the outward expression of the inward work of the previous three points.

Our desire is to:

  • Be informed on social justice matters, including but not limited to human trafficking and modern slavery, climate change, domestic violence, child marriage, child abuse, female genital mutilation, migration and refugees.
  • Speak out on behalf of those who have no voice with boldness, wisdom, and grace; making every effort to learn from each other and to be mutually transformed.
  • Encourage kind actions and generosity by living a life that demonstrates respect for God, other people, and the environment.
  • Recognize the value of each individual, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age or language.

Advocacy, ethical living, acts of kindness, local community ministries, participation in national and local conversations and support of non-discriminatory legislation.

“Women’s Ministry is a strong force to be reckoned with!”
– Commissioner Rosalie Peddle

The New Logo


The aim of this re-imagined logo is to bring light, life, and a freedom of spirit to all women around the world. Where thoughts, actions, and morals are, as they have always been, concentrated on the Bible and its universal message, this is still reflected in the new design.


The 5 zones are identified by the 5 birds emerging from the sun and the world which are represented as one. These elements are designed to inspire women from any culture or background that at the dawning of each day they are encouraged to unite as one voice and one body, where God’s love is always at the very centre of their being.

“Unite as one voice…where God’s love is lived out in our community…”
– Commissioner Rosalie Peddle

Time to Be Holy Bible Study

Time to be Holy is a collection of 24 Bible studies developed by 24 women from different parts of our Salvation Army world. These women are passionate about holiness and their writings will inspire and challenge us to be women with clean hands and pure hearts.

Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, World President of Women’s Ministries, writes:

“Radical! Courageous! Risk-taking! Three words that describe the early disciples after their lives were infused with the power of the Holy Spirit. They moved from their Pentecost experience and became engaged in daily living out a life transformed and filled with the presence of the Living Christ. I am convinced and convicted that the world today is desperately looking for disciples so empowered by the Holy Spirit that nothing will stop them from sharing the good news that Jesus can bring hope, life and light to everyone who will call upon his name. Count me in! Will you join me?”

These Bible studies are not intended to be exclusive to women’s ministries groups. They have been designed to be utilized in groups of all ages, cultures, nationalities, languages and genders. We are praying that God will use this resource far above anything we could ever dream or imagine.