Reimagining Women’s Ministries for the Short Term Series Volumes 1-30

2020 has been a roller coaster with massive interruptions! By March we were thrown into a global pandemic causing world-wide panic and sudden shortages of cleaning supplies and toilet paper. It was scary how quickly the COVID-19 virus spread forcing us to cut ourselves off from our friends and family and hunker down in our homes to ride it out until safety measures were put into place.

We’ve found ourselves working from home, isolating, day-caring, cleaning, cooking, helping kids with remote learning, washing our hands, social distancing, cooking, deep cleaning, Zoom-meeting, home-gyming, mask-wearing, cooking, cleaning, washing hands, cooking, washing hands, washing hands…

It has been a hard year so far and we’re not out of the woods yet. But we have proven that the human spirit is strong and our God is faithful!

In March we launched a “Reimagining” series for Women Ministries – a short-term “how-to” programming guide for doing Women’s Ministries while social distancing and quarantining. Here is a quick access to each volume. Just click on the pictures below!

Reimagaining Women’s Ministries for the Short Term Volumes 1-30

Volume 10