With the warmer weather, everyone is getting out of their houses and into their yards. Spring is springing and there’s never been a better time to do some clean up and planting in the garden. You may have many Women’s Ministries group members who love gardening or who even have “pro” status in the garden! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to share our gardens with each other?

Here’s an idea for all of the “green thumbs” out there – “Social Distance Gardening”! This can be done in many ways but we’ve focused on a few ideas how to share your garden from a distance or virtually. We suggest using your social media but it could also be done in photos or scrapbooking (see Volume 17 “This Is Our Story” creating a scrapbook for your Women’s Ministries).

Even if you have those who detest gardening (like me)…most people at least appreciate the hard work and beauty of a garden. They can still participate by enjoying the views or even helping with supplies!

  • Step by step

This is simply taking the time to document your gardening process in pictures. From tilling the soil to planting the seed or flower, take pictures sharing tips, tools, and tricks of the trade. Update how your garden is growing throughout the season.

  • Before and After

This idea is taking a terrible looking space – a neglected garden, full of weeds or overgrown and turning it into something beautiful. Take photos of the before and then of the after.

  • Drive – By

Coordinate with your group members to have a drive-by to view their beautiful gardens. Provide a route to drive by your members’ homes. When you come to each garden, have the owner park and stand in front of their garden. Snap photos or videos as you go! Honking is also fun!

  • Walk – by

This would take some work but could be done! Have members sign up for a specific day and time for other members to park and walk by to view a garden – keeping the recommended 6 feet distance, of course!

Any of these ideas can be scaled back as well – thinking of those who may only have a balcony space or just a sunny windowsill for their garden.

on at the NATIONAL GARDEN BUREAU website.

DEVOTIONAL – we suggest you also provide a devotional for your group members. Again, not everyone likes to garden (me again). But most people will appreciate the hard work and beauty of a garden and can still participate by taking in the sites and meditating on God’s Word.

Click HERE for a some great gardening devotionals from Garden Devotions.

Share Within Your Community
or Neighborhood

We also encourage you to share your garden with your neighbors or others in your community. Invite people to view your garden by walking by on specific day. Take a lawn chair and sit out near your garden to talk to those who walk by. Be open to answering questions and invite them to take a closer look, being careful to keep your 6 feet distance!

This is a great way to connect with those around you. It may even spark a meaningful conversation or open the door to share your faith!