POHHere are steps you can take to plan your Pathway of Hope video viewing event and actions steps to partnering with this program.

  1. As the leader of a group, or member that is eager to learn more about partnering with POH, get familiar with the material. Watch the videos ahead of time, jot down questions that may come up for you during the viewing of the videos. If you’re not the corps officer, ask you corps officer or case worker about your questions so if and when those questions come up during the viewing you’ll be able to address those questions.
  2. Schedule a viewing event. Work with your corps officer to select a date and time – whether it’s a unique, standalone event, or a four-fold meeting, or a watching the videos over a series of meetings. Understand what works best for your community and plan accordingly.
  3. Connect with your corps case worker to see if they are available to be present for the viewing, or if it’s over a series of meetings, ask if they could be at the last meeting for Q&A. If they are not available, see if they have an FAQ list that you could use and of course use the discussion questions provided HERE to use after each video.
  4. Ask your case worker if they have practical suggestions for how the congregation can support the program and families. What are the common needs the families have? After getting a list of needs, for example: resume writing assistance, cooking and nutrition training, parenting lessons, marriage coaching, mechanic skills, home repair skills and more. Create a Google survey form (see video link below to learn how to create one), or Survey Monkey to share with your congregation through email with these items listed as well as an ‘other’ option. They should select one or more of the items they have experience in and should fill out the ‘other’ option with skills they have to offer that aren’t listed.  Include the following fields in your survey:

Phone number:
Days you are available to provide these services(for example: every other Tuesday night, Saturday mornings, one Saturday afternoon a month etc):
Check all that apply:
Resume writing assistance
Cooking and nutrition training
Parenting lessons
Marriage coaching
Mechanic skills
Home repair
5. After accessing the needs the corps case worker provided and the skill set of the congregation, meet with or start email conversation on with your corps officer and case worker to establish training sessions (one time, or a series of trainings for one skill set) and how to promote the sessions to the Pathway of Hope families.
Got any ideas on how to integrate social services programs and congregation life? Fill out the form below, we’d love to share ideas. [contact-form subject='[Women%26#039;s Ministries’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Ideas/Suggestion’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form] 
A video on how to create a Google survey form: click HERE



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