About Central Women


Empowering women to impact the world for Christ.


Engaging women in relevant ministry, with space for creativity and spiritual growth.


Embracing women as significant members of the church and daughters of the Most High God.


Emerging new leaders who are equipped with innovative, fresh ideas for women in their ministry.


Women’s Ministries in The Salvation Army was established in 1907 in London England by Florence Booth. Originally called “Ladies Home League”, this “help one another society” was a place for women who wished to learn current principles of economy, cooking, health, and hygiene. (Jenty Fairbank, 2007, For such a time: The story of the young Florence Booth, Salvation Books, London, England.)

In 1994, the name “Home League” was changed to “Women’s Ministries” and began to evolve to meet the ever changing needs of the 20th Century woman.

Since then, our Women’s Ministries program has progressed to include women of all ages and various stages of womanhood, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and societal groups, expanding into over 100 countries world-wide.

Today it is one of the largest Christian women’s organizations in the world with over 750,000 members, globally.

We continue our commitment to offering relevant, Christ-centered programming and fellowship for women from all walks of life.

To God be the glory!