We Are Now Central Women

We’d like to share the exciting news with you that we are now Central Women. We are still Women’s Ministries for the USA Central Territory – that doesn’t change. But Central Women is a new, inclusive description of women’s ministries in our territory designed to attract new women to ministry possibilities.

Central Women, we feel, will appeal not only to our longtime members but it will widen our reach to women that are leaders in the workplace, community, and at the corps – women that have never fully understood who and what women’s ministries is. We are confident this new brand may catch their interest and give them a new perspective and make them feel included.

As Central Women we hope you find our content encouraging as we strive to help women from all walks of life connect, learn, and share. Here you will find honest commentary from women of The Salvation Army and beyond, information about upcoming Women’s events, relevant articles on current events in the Army world and the world at large, Bible-based devotionals to encourage and enhance your daily walk with Jesus, inspirational images and resources to empower you and the the women within your sphere and information on injustices in the world and what we can do as the Body of Christ to overcome sin.

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About Us

Empower | Engage | Embrace | Emerge

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Mission & Purpose

We are first dedicated to bringing women into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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Meet Our Team

Central Territorial Women’s Ministries Leadership

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Thank you for following along and for all your support!

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