Another fun way to connect with your Women’s Ministries group! Create a Women’s Ministries Bingo card! This is an idea shared with us from the Southern Territory Women’s Ministries Department.

There are plenty of free Bingo card generators online or you could create your own through Publisher,  Word, or Canva. Here’s a sample card that Erin Wyatt (Southern Territory Women’s Dept. – Thanks, Erin!) created for us:

We’ve posted this to our Central Women Facebook page and are currently playing this for prizes! People can save the card to their phone or computer and use a photo editing app (like LiveCollage) to mark off the squares. Once BINGO is achieved, post your card to the comments. A winner is randomly selected from those who participated.

Check out our page HERE:


Take it to the next level and hold a Virtual Bingo Night! Use free communication platforms like Facebook Messenger Desktop, Zoom, LifeSize, Google Chat, Skype, or Google Hangout.

Midland Division (thanks Danielle Moushey, Midland WM Dept.!) has created a Facebook Bingo Event with a link to auto-generated cards for anyone who wants to participate.

This would be played more like traditional Bingo using cards with words or numbers on them. Use any free Bingo card generator site (I like MyFreeBingoCards.com – you can get 30 free cards). Be creative using names of your group members, Salvation Army words, Bible characters, etc. Generate different cards that you send to participants via a link, email, or Facebook messenger.

Click THIS LINK to see a sample of a more simple, traditional Bingo card. Feel free to use it if you like! I used My Free Bingo Cards to make this one.

Keep sharing your ideas with us!


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