As we all continue to adjust to the “new norm” of our shifting times, let’s come together and Reimagine what Women’s Ministries looks like for the short term. In the coming days and weeks we will be posting encouragement and ideas to maintain and build relationships within your communities.

Today, we want to remind you about Kindred Collective.

Kindred Collective was an initiative created and written by now Cadet Sarah Micula. It was an email sent to it’s subscribers three times per week. The emails included a daily Examen reflection, an activity you can do with your Women’s Ministries groups, and how to connect with your community. It is packed full of ideas that can still be useful for you to use in your Women’s Ministries!

Each week is broken down into 3 days. Typically, the third day is the community outreach idea. We encourage you to browse the page HERE to make use of this helpful resource!

*You will find SPANISH LINKS at the bottom of each day’s issue.
Just click on the day and scroll to the bottom. 

Keep visiting our website for more tips, ideas, and encouragement in the coming days and weeks.

God bless you!


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