Pat Kukuc! Pat attends the Oakbrook Terrace Corps in the Chicagoland area. She also works for the Salvation Army Central Territory Headquarters in Des Plaines, IL. The country of Jamaica has a special place in Pat’s heart, specifically the Salvation Army’s children’s home The Windsor Lodge… 

I’ve been supporting Windsor Lodge Children’s Home in Jamaica for the past 13 or 14 years — ever since my dear friend Major Jackie Palmer was appointed administrator of the home. Windsor Lodge holds a special place in my heart, as I’ve been blessed to visit the home several times over the years. My main focus now is supporting the home financially through the sale of craft items that Lt. Colonel Kathy Branch and I make — some of which originated from ideas found on Pinterest! We try to participate in one or two large craft fairs each year along with a sale at THQ, and we occasionally receive special orders for craft items. It’s been gratifying to use our craft projects to help the children at Windsor Lodge.

Wow! What an inspiration! Now Pat shares more on her Pinterest use:
Have you ever actually tried to do one of your Pinterest pins? Yes! I’ve tried some of the recipes, home remedies, household tips and craft projects that I’ve found on Pinterest. Some of the pins I’ve used as templates to make gift tags, journals, cards, treat bags, Christmas ornaments, and packaging for craft fair items. I’ve also incorporated some of the quotes I’ve found on Pinterest on tags, bookmarks, journals and cards that I’ve made.
What do you mainly use Pinterest for? I’m a collector at heart, so I use Pinterest for assembling virtual collections of things that bring me joy. I also use it as a big recipe box and file of craft, decorating and gardening ideas. It’s a great source of inspiration to me…and it’s a great opportunity to pin something inspirational — like scripture verses — for those who follow my boards to see.
Have you had a Pinterest fail? Sadly, yes. I tried a recipe for rhubarb ice cream that looked incredible in the photo, but the result was a truly disappointing use of good rhubarb and cream! The original pin was in German, so it may have been the online translation into English — or perhaps user error! — that missed a step or an ingredient. Whatever the reason, I won’t be trying that recipe again! There was also a necklace design that looked really cool in the photo, but turned out to be kind of annoying to wear!
What do you love about Women’s Ministries? I love the variety of opportunities for fellowship, education and inspiration that fall under the umbrella of Women’s Ministries.
Is there anything you don’t love about Women’s Ministries? I usually only attend Women’s Ministries’ special events — mainly because the corps is so far from my home and I don’t like the long drive in rush hour traffic. It’s a nice group of women, and the few regular meetings I’ve attended have been good. So really, there isn’t anything I don’t love about Women’s Ministries — other than the distance!
Thanks for all your inspirational pins, Pat! Keeping pinning!



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