“Our religious beliefs and our love for Christ often feels like a soft spot—a vulnerable place we would rather nurture in the comfort and privacy of our own homes. But Hebrews 10:25 urges us to meet together and “encourage one another.” Proverbs 27:17 reminds us, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” We are called to be connected with others. Our personal relationship with Christ is strengthened by living in a community of believers. That means coming clean with others about our doubts, sins, indiscretions, hopes, faith, and future. ”
“By putting myself in the company of believers, I had an ideal “pool” to choose from.”
“Yet even with a carefully chosen one-on-one relationship or a group of like-minded followers ministering to each other, disappointment is inevitable. Mentors cannot transcend their human nature, regardless of how much they love the Lord. Your mentor likely will forget that you had a coffee date. She’ll make an off-the-cuff comment that rubs you the wrong way. She will, at times, be wrong. Mentoring relationships draw us closer to God, but they do not replace him.”
These a a few quotes from an incredible article and the importance of mentor relationships in Christian communities.  Have you made this important relationship a priority in your life? Don’t be afraid to get vulnerable and be cared for, someone, I’m betting a lot of someones, love you and want to be in your life in this intentional way.
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