Being Supportive During a Time of Grief: Part One

march 31 sky“Grief does not have a deadline, and it is important to respect your friend’s mourning process no matter how long it lasts.”
What an eye opening concept.
Grief does not have a deadline.
So obvious, yet not often observed. By the supporters or the griever. This idea provides freedom for the griever, not to let themselves or anyone tell them how they must grieve, or to tell them when it’s time to move on. It also provides the supporter a boundary line. Supporters don’t often have the words (who says they should?) so they may say something insensitive in order to just say something.
Although this article about miscarriages, it draws attention to how to grieve along someone who has experienced lose.
Click HERE to read this article posted on the blog of Verily Magazine‘s website, a site for women. 



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