Captain Judy Lowder! Captain Judy is the Corps Officer at the Danville, IL corps and an avid Pinterest user. Judy was choosen to be featured because of her hilarious pins, ministry idea pins, inspirational and generally fun pins. We’ll be sending Judy the book, Falling In Love With God by Bob Hostetler.
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Keep pinning Judy!
Have you ever actually tried to do one of your Pinterest pins? I use at least one pin a week. Pinterest has been  great resource for all my corps programs. Just this week I used a recipe for Women’s Ministries, a prayer station for morning worship, a craft idea for Booth Youth and a cartoon to share a laugh on Facebook.
What do you mainly use Pinterest for? I mainly use Pinterest for ideas for events, recipes, craft ideas, teaching tools, DIY projects, cartoons, silly pictures, admiring art work, planning a vacation, dream decorating, hysterical gifs, fur baby helps, quotes, visitation ideas and so much more!!  me
Have you had a Pinterest fail? Of course not, there is no failure only a great story to share on Pinterest.
What do you love about Women’s Ministries? The ability to create any kind of program to meet the needs of the women in my community. Individuals stuck in the past and not willing to try something new.
Here the link to her Pinterest page – follow her!
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