7 Tips for a Drama-Free Women’s Ministry

WM-Header-03I believe women are passionate, determined, strong and brave. And sometimes when we’re all in one room together one of two things happen: 1) A force to be reckoned with is created. Watch out the world is about to get rocked in such a good and Godly way. 2) Too many leaders not enough followers and drama can get created. Of course what can happen is not limited to these two things but it can often happen.
LifeWay’s Women’s Ministry website offers us Seven Tips For a Drama-Free Women’s Ministry – check them out!:

1. Make busy bees. When women are busy serving together, there’s no time for drama. Offer meaningful mission projects on a regular basis (at least one a month). Here are just a few ideas for the vast ideas you can consider for mission projects: provide gift bags for a ministry to sex trade workers, share picnic lunches with homeless men and women in downtown parks, take cupcakes to laundromats, or take lap quilts and lotions to retirement home residents. Vary the projects to attract a variety of women.

2. Focus. Provide a streamlined focus of discipleship for women. Communicate the need to study, memorize, and apply the Scriptures. Challenge women to remain single focused. When our eyes are focused on Christ, we cannot see anything but Him. The things that cause drama simply melt away.

Now visit their website for the rest of the list! Click HERE!


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