Are you eager to grow in your faith and your spiritual maturity?

Do you have a desire to become the woman that God intended you to be?

Are you a leader and recognize that you need someone to show you the way and influence your development?

Do you need some guidance on self care as a leader and as a Jesus follower?

Then Mindy Caliguire is a voice and teacher you want to hear from. And she’ll be joining us this October at the Territorial Women’s Ministries Leadership Conference!

Mindy is a member of the Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, IL where was she was previously the Director of Transformation Ministry. She is an author, speaker, teacher and leadership consultant. Mindy is also the founder of Soul Care – “a spiritual formation ministry that exists to increase “soul health” in the body of Christ.”

We are beyond excited to hear from this powerful teacher! Will you join us at Territorial Women’s Ministries Leadership Conference? Ask your corps officer about attending!

Mindymindy 2

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