Congratulations to Major Julie McDowell! Major Julie hails from the Heartland Division’s Champaign corps and we were drawn to her Pinterest Page because of her many pins focused on ministry. With the new school year approaching I bet we could all use some fresh ideas for our ministry programs, am I right? Here’s our favorite pin (one of many!) of hers, we need to love and embrace our young women! Thanks for making that a focus Major Julie! Read below about her victories and a few failures with Pinterest and why she loves Women’s Ministries. Keep pinning!julie mcdowell
Have you ever actually tried to do one of your Pinterest pins? Yes. Actually, the inspiration for trying Pinterest at all came from my sister, Emilee Litherland, who started a “Pinterest Challenge FB Page” with a few friends a couple of years ago. A number of us have joined since with the goal of doing 12 challenges within a 6 month time frame. It gave me both the inspiration and courage to try, as I saw other women doing the same.
What do you mainly use Pinterest for? I love Pinterest and look there for ideas ranging from object lessons (recently looked for one to use at a care home for severely disabled individuals) to program ideas for VBS/Summer Kids’ Club to new recipes to inspirational quotes which encourage me…and, of course, women’s ministries (including teen girls and Sunbeams).
Have you had a Pinterest fail? Oh yes! I tried doing the brown sugar hand scrub for Women’s Camp one year (got the recipe from Pinterest). Unfortunately, the store was out of light brown sugar, so I used dark brown sugar instead. I was told later it was the molasses in it that changed the recipe – and it was a mess. :/
What do you love about Women’s Ministries? I say, all the time, to the ladies in our corps that I want to learn more, and help others learn, too. I think we have a great opportunity to go beyond building relationships to really learning and teaching life skills. I think that is what the purpose was in the beginning. So many women are not learning the arts of homemaking, cooking, hospitality and really want to learn. But, they are busy. I really believe that if we can make it possible for people to learn new things in the Women’s Ministries programs it will have a ripple affect both in the family and in the community.
Is there anything you don’t love about Women’s Ministries? I think one of the things that grieves me is when we get territorial, and in our efforts to keep the controls we fail to see new avenues and venues which could meet the needs of the women out there who want the fellowship and the adventure we could enjoy together.
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