Central Women's Ministries Online Book Club

Starting September 1, we will say goodbye to summer break and hit the books again! Who is with us?! Join our Central Women’s Ministries Online Book Club for a female focused, christian themed book club. Questions will be posted on the Facebook Group Page and the “discussion” will occur in the comments section. Women from all over the territory have already joined, and you can join in anytime! Responses maybe personal, so if you choose to join please plan to engage rather than just observing! 
See you September 1!



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Hannah Service Guide

In the spring we shared about an idea to recognize a uniquely common struggle that 1 in 4 women experience: Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, and Infant Loss. We have created a guide on how to lead what is called a Hannah Service.*A Hannah Service is an experience that gives space and opportunity through readings, singing, sharing, and commemorating activities to honor the losses and grieve the experiences from infertility, pregnancy loss, infant loss, and medical diagnoses that prevent pregnancy. This would be a meaningful program to host at your corps and share with other churches in your community. Click the button below to download the guide, available in English and Spanish. Use a Facebook event to promote your Hannah Service, share the link with local pastors and colleagues and be clear that this is a public event. To truly partner with our churches invite female pastors and leaders to participant in specific program elements. We look forward to see how this brings healing and spurs ideas for more support events and groups for various losses and griefs we experience in life that need space for processing and healing.   Click on the photo below to read "Letters to a Grieving Mom" by Adriel Booker, author of "Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving with Hope after Miscarriage and Loss".  Click HERE to read what to say and what not to say. *the inspiration behind creating this guide can be found HERE        MISCARRIAGE & MARRIAGE  Click HERE for more resources for couples and for husbands grieving through miscarriage.