Today's Devotional: A Strong and Trustworthy Anchor For Our Souls

It seems that every time I open the Word I keep flipping open to passages on God’s promises. I think we’ve all broken a promise in our lives and someone has disappointed us by not living up to a promise they made to us. But it’s not hard to flip open your Bible and open to a passage where God’s promises are described and assured, it’s all over the Bible. That reflects how His promises are ever present in our daily lives. We should never be surprised when prayers are answered – that is in His character!
Join us reading Hebrews 6: 13 – 20
Can you think of a time that you comfortably sat in patience waiting on God?
What did you learn about his character as you waited?
In your own words describe what a ‘refuge’ is.
“This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. ” What does this verse been to you?
What do you think this promise means to us, “It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.”?
Pray for God to give you the ability to rely on Him and his promises and to be able to know His character.
Hebrew 6.19



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