#BoundlessBible Week 2, Day 6

Striking the balance between ‘celebrating/witnessing your giving and faith’ while not ‘boasting/showing off’ can be difficult. 
A blogger came up with the idea to post pictures of your personal devotional time and then hashtagging it using #lampandlight. Not a bad idea, but is sharing your personal time with Jesus necessary? What if the action of sharing the photo actually becomes a distraction? It definitely has for some, and there’s a funny parody video poking fun at this practice. See here, Christian Girl Instagram. christian girl instagram
Don’t worry about what the world thinks, be focused on pleasing our God. 
Read Matthew 6

  • Is your giving to the needy something which is done to attract the praise of others, or out of love for God?
  • What is a prayer? Who is authorised to say a prayer? Does it need to be a certain length? Does it need to be said out loud? Does it need to be said at a certain time?

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