Embracing Embrace: One Leaders Experience Part 5

haleyToday we hear from Embrace Leader – Haley Vecellio. Haley is a youth worker at the Fulton Heights corps in Grand Rapids, MI. Haley took a step of bravery and started an Embrace group, here’s her experience!
Did you have any expectations about Embrace before your first gathering? I didn’t really have any expectations at first, I didn’t think anybody would show up and want to be a part of it, honestly. So I picked the place, made the food, and waited hoping for people to show up.
What (if anything) surprised you about the questions? Some questions are very out there type questions, so that surprised me a little bit. But I think that ‘out there’ is a lot of times freeing, and healing.
How did your women respond? We have 6 of us total, and I couldn’t be more amazed and happy how God put our group together. We’ve met twice so far, and have one more meeting before we break for the summer..it’s been great making new godly friendships with them. Especially inter-generationally (we have 2 young adults..me and Margo) and then there are 3 officers, and a corps member (who are all over the age of 40) we’ve clicked so well, and we are all here for each other in prayer, friendship, and accountability now.. Even when we only meet once a month!
It what way do you hope Embrace build community in your corps? When we get back from the summer, I don’t think that I’ll be in GR anymore due to a Salvation Army internship.. Wendy and Val are both being moved, and Margo is planning on taking over for me. The hope is that the other ladies in or corps and community will see the Holy Spirit in all of us, especially in our connection and friendship and want to be part of it.
Additional comments: Embrace really is such a great thing! I’ve loved being able to get to know my ladies, and have that extra support through my life during hard transitions!



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