#Everydayofferingdevos Day 6 – More Than Enough

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Day 6 – More Than Enough
by Lt. Amanda Keene

                                Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you. Psalm 9:10

I’ve been in this 5+ year season of my life where friends and family are getting married, buying beautiful homes with white picket fences, having children, and dressing these children in the most adorable clothing imaginable. Don’t get me wrong; I’m ecstatic for them. I’m cheering them on, praying for them, and so blessed to be part of this journey with them, but I’d be lying if I said my heart doesn’t yearn for what they have. There’s this constant wrestling in my mind and heart that says, “Come on, Amanda! Jesus is enough, He satisfies. Just rest in Him and be grateful,” yet at the same time says, “Jesus, you’re amazing, but this desire for a husband and family is so deep and real yet it seems so far from reality right now. Why not me? Why not now?”
Let’s be honest here: I know I’m not alone in this and the longer I’m single, the more the enemy tries to throw lies my way: “You’re not pretty enough…you’re not skinny enough…you’re too stubborn…you’re too crazy…too clingy…too emotional…too much.” It takes everything I have to take a deep breath, recognize these are lies, and run to Jesus who is my comfort and refuge. I’ve beat myself up for being disappointed in this season of my life, but you know what I’ve learned? It’s okay to be disappointed. It’s okay to cry yourself to sleep sometimes, to watch You’ve Got Mail on the bad days, to cry out to God and say, “Where are you?” My feelings are valid, your feelings are valid, and Jesus is right there with us in the pain, in the waiting, in the wondering.
My #everydayoffering is waking up in the morning and pressing on. It’s not waiting for my life to begin until I’m married. It’s living out the ministry God has called me to do and trusting (even though it’s super hard some days) that He knows what’s best for my life. It’s living a full life, going on adventures, taking in the precious moments God gives me with friends and family who love me more than I even understand. It’s seeking God so that He can make me more like Him and possibly prepare me for a husband and family one day. And it’s believing that, even if a husband and children are not in my future, God will truly be more than enough.
Thoughts to Ponder:
What is something you are desiring right now?
What does Amanda’s experience teach you about God?



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