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The Prepare Podcast is a Salvation Army podcast: where we invited women of faith and in ministry to share their experiences and wisdom to prepare and equip us in our faith, pursuits, and callings. This month’s guest is Arise & Shine Women’s Conference workshop leader, Nikole Lim. This episode is a rebroadcast as Nikole was on episode 10 of the Prepare Podcast. Now it’s episode 30, so unless you’ve been with us from the beginning or you’ve binge listened to all our episodes you might not have heard this one before. Let me tell you a little about the workshop Nikole will lead, it’s titled:

Ministering with survivors of sexual violence through storytelling.
Learn how Freely in Hope journeys alongside of people who have experienced abuse, trauma, or violence. In the journey from victim to survivor, we will discuss how we can be better listeners and advocates by allowing survivors to reclaim their story with dignity, power, and healing. This workshop will also share the methods of healing that have been integral for Freely in Hope—including the power of storytelling and prayer as a practice of healing.

In the Salvation army we minister to a lot of hurting individuals and this type of workshop goes hand-in-hand with our ministry.
Thanks for tuning in, enjoy our conversation!


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