In January we started the year with The Prepare Podcast sporting a new logo and a new commitment to release two episodes a month. We are happy to say in 2019 we have released 11 episodes of The Prepare Podcast. We continue to learn so much from our officers and soldiers leading and loving in our churches and we are glad and eager to give them a platform to share from their experiences and wisdom. Again and again, we receive feedback from our listeners that The Prepare Podcast is a part of their routine and they are often sharing episodes with friends that they feel should hear our guests stories and experiences. We LOVE that! It brings us joy knowing this resource is meaningful and beneficial to our listeners. As you might have heard, our host Sarah Micula is leaving Central Women THQ and headed to the College for Officers Training in August. As Sarah prepares for her departure and trains her successor, The Prepare Podcast will take a summer break. An episode in September will be released and the new host will do a goodbye interview with Sarah! In the meantime, if you missed an episode take time this summer to binge and re-listen to your favorite episodes! Click HERE for a list of all 48 episodes!


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