The Grand Ball – Shame


“The Grand Ball – Shame”

by Major Susie Erickson

“As I walked through the door of the banquet hall for my grand entrance, all eyes were on me, but they weren’t swooning. Their look was awkward and silent. Then I realized they weren’t looking at me. They were staring at my mother who stood by my side. It occurred to me I was the only little girl in the room without a father on her arm.”

Shame invokes feelings of inadequacy, regret, unworthiness, and guilt. It can be paralyzing. But we were not meant to walk in shame. We were meant to live with purpose and meaning. Major Susie Erickson writes from her own experience in this excerpt from her book “Barefoot Cinderellas – Set the Captive Free”.

Read the full excerpt HERE.

Get your copy of Major Susie Erickson’s book “Barefoot Cinderellas – Set the Captives Free” HERE.


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