The Superpower of Prayer


The Superpower of Prayer

By Major Susie Erickson

There are days when I wish I had Superman’s strength so that I wouldn’t get sick, or Ironman’s suit so I could fly over the traffic jam on the tri-state, or that I could alter reality like Wanda Maxi so that my house always appears clean!

We know that comic superheros are fictional. But we have read about real life “superheroes” in the Bible. Real people who, by relying on God’s strength, were able to face incredible circumstances. Today, we don’t have to call down fire from heaven or face giants with only a sling and a stone. But there is one thing we can tap into for superpower in our spiritual lives: PRAYER.

What does your prayer life look like? Does it need a super-charge? Join Major Susie Erickson (Southern Territorial Women’s Ministries Secretary) as she takes a deep dive into the book of Daniel and discover how to intentionally vamp-up your prayer life! Click below to read the full article.


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