Young Adults, Mentoring, Titus 2 and The Salvation Army

“…I’m not sure. But I am sure that if we don’t succeed in empowering the next generation of disciples to do and be what God is calling them to, we will have missed a mission opportunity that cannot be recovered. God in his providence will see that his work is done, but it just may not be through The Salvation Army. That would be a shame. I would hate to miss what God has planned for His unique Army.”
Are you flourishing where you are in the Army – or are you hindered, scared and not sure how to move forward to the next step of your faith journey with Jesus in the Salvation Army? On Commissioner Swanson’s blog, he discusses empowerment and bringing young adults forward into the next step of ministry and life. Click here to read the rest of his blog post.
Generations working together to accomplish the work of the gospel is necessary to grow the church through developing disciples of Christ. Paul identified Timothy as a potential leader and gave him challenges and assignments along the way to develop him. Titus 2 describes mentor relationships involving teaching those younger than you.
Do you have a successful inter-generational relationships at your church? Can you share with us what’s working for you?


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