Women In Ministry and Leadership: Hurting, Healing and Propelling Forward

WOMENS MIN LEADERSHIPCan you relate to the following statement: “It has long been my contention that the Church is the only place that can simultaneously hurt me and heal me.”source
At some level anyone invested in a Christian Church community can relate to this statement. But for a woman, trying to live out her God-given gifts and potential within this space; it contains other levels and valleys of pains and victories that the opposite gender may never fully understand.
But thank God that it is becoming safer in the church community to even discuss this issue. As well, women are being brave enough to create resources, go beyond conversations, come together – not in the name of Women – but in the name of GOD.
When ministry and leadership times get discouraging, as they certainly will, find some resources to move you forward, make you aware that others are doing it too, they too are struggling and many are flourishing finding their way and living out their purposes.
One of the newest resources for Christian Women Leaders is called PROPEL Women Who LeadPropel “believes in the passion, purpose, and potential of every woman everywhere. Propel exists to honor the calling of every woman, empower her to lead, equip her for success, and develop a sense of God given purpose.” “Propel is a digital magazine filled with personal stories, articles, and leadership wisdom from different women leading in all spheres of life.”
Download the first issue HERE. And let the stories, failures and victories of your sisters in Christ propel you forward.

Propel women image


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