Everyday Offering: Ten Day Photo Challenge

Trying to understand God’s plan for your life can be overwhelming and perplexing. But what if you’re there already? Life may seem basic and anything but amazing – but maybe, just maybe, He’s got you right where he wants you. If you’re obedient and faithful right where you are, you’re in it – you’re in the plan He has for you.
Join us for 10 days in capturing what we’re calling the Everyday Offering. Take a picture of your everyday, un-staged life – your commute, grocery shopping, ministry involvement, lunch time activity, kitchen sink – and use the hashtag #everydayoffering and post your #everydayoffering photos on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Join us in making a commitment to giving every part of your everyday back to God as an offering. Living in His plan for you right where you are.
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