Welcome to the Central Territory Women’s Ministries Website and blog!

On behalf of  Commissioner Carol Seiler  and Colonel Dawn Heatwole  and the entire Women’s Ministries Department here at Central Territorial Headquarters, we are beyond excited about this new venture into social media. We hope you visit often and share with others what you’ve come across and enjoyed.  We also have a Facebook page, Instagram and Pinterest.
This website is designed to help women across the Salvation Army’s Central Territory (and beyond) connect, be informed, learn, share, and feel embraced in the church and as a daughter of the most High.  Here you will find honest commentary from women of the Salvation Army, information about upcoming Women’s events, relevant articles on current events in the Army world and the world at large, Bible-based devotionals to encourage and enhance your daily walk with Jesus, inspirational images and resources to empower you and the the women within your sphere and information on injustices in the world and what we can do as the Body of Christ to overcome sin.
Please, always feel free to comment on a post and engage in dialogue. I hope we can always keep the comments positive and edifying of the Body of Christ. We are here to grow together! We are in this together! Looking oh so forward to knowing you better.
Sarah Micula
Program Specialist
USA Central Territory – Women’s Ministries Department


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