embrace graceEmbrace His Grace by Sarah Micula
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. Romans3: 23
As of late, I’m obsessed with podcasts. Any free moment ear buds are in, podcast binging is happening. I’m also a little obsessed with, “getting my steps in.” Anyone with a Fitbit knows what I’m saying. I often like to combine these obsessions and take walking breaks at work where I can peacefully indulge my podcast addiction and get my steps in. It’s a beautiful combination.
On today’s break I was listening to the story of a man, I’ll call him Jay. Jay was working through who he is; discovering the unexperienced parts of himself and trying for the first time, to live it out.  Jay was a pastor, college professor, respected leader. Long story short, yesterday jay felt like he’d done something that meant he wasn’t able to speak of Jesus’s behalf anymore.  And today an opportunity came for him to speak the name of Jesus to a dying woman and help usher her into His presence. Jay felt unworthy, uncomfortable, unsure of the heavenly approval he has to do this considering his actions yesterday.  As her oxygen levels dropped he started speaking scripture to her about God’s peace and asked if Jesus was her savior. Jay was able to confirm to her that she will indeed see the face of Jesus and experience the peace of God for eternity.
God allowed Jay to experience that moment ministering to a dying woman to affirm His calling on Jay, no matter what happened yesterday.  Jay felt like Peter after Peter had denied Jesus three times. Then Jesus came back and asked Peter three times, do you love me? Peter said, yes and Jesus responded: then feed my lambs. Do you love me? Then take care of my sheep. Do you love me? Then feed my sheep. This moment ministering to this woman, the very next day, was God asking Jay, do you love me? Yes, I love you. Then Get back in there. We’ve got work to do.
After hearing this story, while on the walking track I started weeping, weeping tears of grateful joy. This has happened maybe twice in my life, neither time on the walking track mind you. I was overwhelmed by God’s grace, humbled and grateful for His mercy and second chances. This was a needed reminder that God redeems me and doesn’t make me earn back his love when I sin and He still has work for me to do – even though I fall short. He’ll ask a simple question, do you love me? Yes. Then shake it off and get back in there.
I’m going to embrace this grace He offers. I can’t earn it, nor do I deserve it, but it’s the most freeing gift I’ve received.


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