Prepare Podcast Episode 3: Karen Young and Captain Nancy Azajue

Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “it is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o’clock on Sunday morning.”  This statement was made over 50 years ago – has anything changed?
Today our podcast host, Sarah Micula, meets with Karen Young, the Multicultural Ministries Specialist of the Multicultural department for the Central Territory and Captain Nancy Azuaje, the Multicultural Women’s Ministries Coordinator for the Central Territory.  Today’s conversation is about creating a multi-ethnic church, cultivating cultural sensitivity and creating space to celebrate differences without further segregating congregations. We didn’t come up with all the answers but we’re joining the greater conversation about creating a true vision of the Kingdom of God! We hope you enjoy today’s conversation and are inspired to to the great cause of love and kingdom building. Enjoy!

1L4A3865_Young, Karen - Sept. 2014 In short, Karen has the opportunity of working with a wonderful team of people who are responding to the realities of an ever- changing, diverse, multicultural, and multi-ethnic world.
Karen believes that effective intercultural communication requires ongoing and life-long learning.  She has a B.A. in English Education (Salisbury University), and a M.A. in Christian Education (Scarritt College). As a part of her continuing education, she attends the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (Portland, OR). In her leisure time, she enjoys reading, writing poetry, taking road trips, going to movies, meeting friends for games and dinners, and enjoying the beach. She shares life with wonderful friends and family.

Captain Nancy and her husband have 14 years of active service in The Salvation Army. Their first responsibility as soldiers was as Corps Planting in Barquisimeto, Venezuela 2002. The Azuajes went to the training College in Chicago and were commissioned as Officers in the 2004- Bridge Builder Session. Their first appointment included a duel responsibility as and Corps Officers at Temple Laramie Corps in Cicero, Illinois and at the Outpost The Bridge, in Hanover Park, Illinois. In 2010 the Azuajes were appointed as Divisional Youth Secretary of the Metropolitan Division, Central Territory, Chicago IL USA. Captain Nancy additionally was appointed as Assistant Candidate Secretary. In 2013, the Azuajes received a new appointment at the USC Central Territory in the Multicultural department and Captain Nancy as Hispanic Women’s Programs Director. In November 2015, she received a new appointment at USA Central Territory Women’s Ministry Department as Multicultural Ministry Coordinator, which she is currently doing.
Resources include:
Mark DeYmaz/ Mosaic Church (Central Arkansas)
Mark is a friend of the Army and a pioneer in the multiethnic church movement. Check out media resources on the church’s home page. You’ll find books there about building a healthy multiethnic church. And under “About” you’ll find a link to “Why Multi-ethnic?” There are excerpts from his book Building a Healthy Multi-ethnic Church.
Bridgeway Community Church with Dr. David Anderson David has written a number of books on Multicultural Ministry, such Gracism: The Art of Inclusion; Multicultural Ministry, and more.
QUEST CHURCH (Seattle) with Eugene Cho is a multiethnic focused church. Go to Brenda Salter McNeil is on the pastoral staff there, also.
Brenda Salter McNeil @
“My mission is to inspire and equip young Christian leaders to practice reconciliation around the world and to build communities that partner with God to bring relational healing and social wholeness.”  -Dr. Brenda
Leadership Journal (a resource of Christianity Today) has limited access, but you can see the kinds of articles it offers.
Outreach Magazine
Christianity Today (a variety of on-line resources)
–The Exchange (blog by Ed Stetzer)
Christena Cleveland (blog, lots of resources and reflection around justice and diversity)
Prof. Rah’s Blog: Exploring the Next Evangelicalism




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