Daily Journal Practice to Help You Reflect, Process, Progress

IMG_0923IMG_0924  Something happened the other day, something I didn’t want to forget. A memorable (or so I thought) experience that I needed to make record of – so I wouldn’t forget. Posting it on Facebook crossed my mind as it has become, for many the modern day diary. Not that any of us need to know that “hot chocolate is a MUST today.” (totally guilty of such posts!) Or the leave-them-hanging-and-leave-them-annoyed posts such as, “fed up” or the check-in post at a hospital with no caption. Either way I didn’t post it and I didn’t write it down and now I’ve forgotten this moment in time.
There’s probably a better way, right?
Well, we want to venture into some old (yet tried and true) territory this year. The timeless act of journaling. We want to process a day’s experience in a healthy, productive and private way. Deep thoughts and experiences are occasionally appropriate for Facebook – but often times personally processed or face-to-face processed with a trusted person is a healthier more productive approach.
So we’ve created a printable daily journal. Maybe you need more room than what is provided. This daily journal is a short hand version of a journal for folks that need to get their feet wet with this journaling thing, that need a slow (re)introductory to self reflection and recording. The spaces provided is to help you reflect on happenings of the day, the highs and the lows, the lessons from the Lord learned, progress towards goals, scripture read and feelings felt.
Will you join us in this sacred act? Click one of the share buttons below to access the journal (once the image appears click on it for the PDF)! Print on ‘landscape’ and two sided. It prints as one page and is best used when cutting in half and three ring punched with a puncher that is adjustable.



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