A Podcast for Women

Did you know that the Central Territory Women’s Ministries Department has a podcast?

The Prepare Podcast is a Christian podcast where women of faith and in ministry share their experiences and wisdom to prepare and equip us in our faith, pursuits, and callings.

We have a wide variety of guests – both from The Salvation Army and beyond – all speaking into the value of women and our identity in Christ!

You’ll hear from women in full-time ministry, stay-at-home moms, crafters, authors, missionaries, Bible teachers, social justice champions, leaders, retired…there’s a place for everyone!

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A “short-list” of former guests include: 

Colonel Deslea Maxwell
Major Stephanie Sawka
Bonnie Comarda
Major Cassandra DeJesus
Cassie Hull
Brigitte Simmons-Ferguson
Major Janelle Gonzalez
Captain Bersabe Vera
Tasha Morrison
Colonel Janice Howard
Nikole Lim
Chris Shay
Jo Saxton
Captain Ketsia Diaz
Linda Himes
Karen Young & Captain Nancy Azuaje
Dr. Karen Hurula
Major Danielle Strickland



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