sexual sin 2When the phrase “sexual sin” or “pornography addiction” is mentioned, men are  almost always associated with this issue.  But this entrapment is not exclusive to men  anymore.  Or maybe it never was, but no one was talking about it.
Christianity Today’s blog page, “Her.meneutics regularly covers sexual ethics, marriage and parenting, pop culture, health and body image, spirituality, justice, and women in the church and parachurch. They have also covered race, disability, clothing, cancer, animal compassion, Barbie, and sports. In fact, there are few topics their writers won’t touch—so long as they are timely, thought-provoking, and inspire a deeper understanding of the Christian story.”
In a Her.meneutics’s blog post from 2013 titled The Secret Women’s Porn Problem a few brave ladies share their stories of how this addiction crept into their daily routines.
This may not be what you struggle with, but may it be on your prayer radar now, if it wasn’t before.